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Messaging Pictures and Video has never been so much fun!

with the Tic'nAway mobile application.

Available on theApp Store Download on thePlayStore

About Tic'nAway

Tic'nAway allows you to send secret photos and videos behind questions for your partner or friend to answer...

Connect with us

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    Find. out the hidden message or take a poll:

    Answer questions correctly to reveal what your friend is hiding or vote to answer a question your friend asks you.

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    Save. pics and videos:

    Once the news is out and the picture or video is revealed, you can save the memorabilia to your device.

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    Share. and cherish:

    Hold onto your new keepsakes for life and share them with family and friends in the future.

App features.

Tic'nAway gives you the the ability to send secret messages to a friend...

  • Take pictures and videos
  • Construct up to a 4-question quiz
  • Construct simple polls
  • In-app messaging
  • Time-limited games
  • Rewards for answering correctly